Pennsylvania is Home

Welcome to Pennsylvania! One Industry. One Voice. The Pennsylvania Travel and Tourism Association is an organization that provides its investors with a key partner who will work with them in areas in which they have neither the time nor the relationships to move forward on their own. PATT becomes a tool in the investor’s tool box.

City of Brotherly Love

The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia is home to an array of things to do and places to eat .

All of the Seasons

North to South,  East to West, Pennsylvania has all the scenery you can imagine.



A Home for Real Sports Fans

Penn State football, Pittsburgh Steelers, 76ers, Pittsburgh Penguins and so much more.


Dear Tourism Partner:

Pennsylvania Travel & Tourism needs a unified voice – an organization whose mission it is to unify and lead by presenting one voice on public policy and tourism-related issues.

The Pennsylvania Association of Travel and Tourism (PATT) was formed to deliver a collaborative voice focused on: advocacy, education, professional development and building strong legislative relationships.

Our mission is to unify and lead Pennsylvania’s travel and tourism industry, presenting one voice on public policy while serving the needs of its diverse members.

Why Create a Pennsylvania Association of Travel and Tourism? While many of our partnering tourism associations are doing a great job representing their niche tourism segments, we are missing a collective voice for our industry as a whole. It is not the goal of the Pennsylvania Association of Travel and Tourism to take the place of any organization, but simply to work in partnership with all tourism organizations to enhance our collective ability to anticipate and impact key issues affecting our industry.

Working together, the industry will have greater “control of its own destiny,” giving tourism organizations, associations and their members an unprecedented voice in the process of developing statewide tourism issues.

Why Now? Our industry is at a crossroad and stands to gain or lose significantly depending on what we do and don’t do in the coming months. Now is the time to adopt a new model for advocating for tourism in Pennsylvania.

We ask you to consider joining and supporting the Pennsylvania Association of Travel and Tourism and have a voice in moving our industry forward. Please see the enclosed documents for more information on PATT.

For additional information see attached files